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MV2018 Metal Cutting Bandsaw

A high-quality, universal, cut-off saw that will save you space and money

  • 18" X 20" Capacity*
  • 45º Tilting Cutting Head
  • 0-175 Pound Cutting Pressure
  • Adjustable Power Feed
  • Variable Blade Speed
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Parts, Service, and Support Readily Available
  • 1 Year Warranty
*Max cutting width at 508mm h: 413mm (20" h: 16 ¼")
Metal Mizer Vertical Band Saw Angled

Head Mounted Drives & Controls

All controls for the MetalMizer are located above the working surface on the face of the cutting head. This location makes them easy to reach and keeps them from being damaged by workpieces, cutting fluids, and debris from the cutting operation. 

The simple control panel allows onebutton activation of the blade, coolant, and feed mechanism or individual control of each function. Blade speed is also adjusted from the front panel and can easily be fine-tuned during a cut. The location of the MetalMizer drive simplifies the drive mechanism to allow the use of a highly efficient, infinitely variable power train. This reliable system is simple to adjust and inexpensive to maintain.